Zayn broke my heart, says his X

I was the first to reveal in March that Zayn and Rebecca were dating.

No one thought it would last, but just weeks ago in an XSclusive interview Rebecca, 24, told me how Zayn was “The One” and hit back at criticism of the six-year age gap.

Geneva said of their romance: “They are complete opposites. She’s so grown up and has kids, whereas Zayn still plays at being a Power Ranger with the other One Direction boys.

“But I know from experience how hard it is to say no to Zayn. He’s very persuasive.”

Geneva described him as shy but with a heart of gold and added: “I wish them well.”

I think Rebecca and Zayn make a cute couple. And Geneva has lost out on a romance with a future superstar. One Direction have been signed to SIMON COWELL’s Syco label and I predict their debut album will top the charts.


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