It’s the moment we’ve been waiting for for a long time (too long boys, don’t ever make us wait for this amount of time ever again, we need you in our lives at all times), One Direction are ready to release their first single at any moment. We can almost taste it. Something has changed in the atmosphere. The world knows it’s coming.

In an interview with Top Of The Pops magazine, the boys spoke out about their debut single and revealed that they think it is „perfect.” We would expect nothing less.

Zayn Malik said: „I’m excited because it’s what I’ve been working towards all my life and it’s finally happening. We’re looking forward to the reaction, but we don’t 100% know what’s going to happen.” Oh we know what’s going to happen, we’re 100% gonna frickin’ LOVE it!

Liam Payne added: „I think we’ve found the perfect song, so hopefully it all goes well and everybody loves it.” Stop teasing us boys, give us a listen to this perfection!

Louis Tomlinson said: „It’s a relief because we were looking for a first single for quite a long time. There’s a lot of expectation. All the fans know we’ve been busy recording, so there’s a bit of pressure.”

Sorry guys we don’t mean to come at you from all sides we just want to hear your dulcet tones again all singing in beautiful harmony with one another.


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