X Factor: One Direction boys all single after Louis Tomlinson dumped Hannah Walker.

Louis Tomlinson has reportedly dumped his girlfriend Hannah Walker, leaving all of One Direction now young free and single.

It was reported yesterday that Louis’ bandmate Zayn Malik was pressured into breaking up with fellow X Factor star Rebecca Ferguson, so that he would be single when he started work on promoting the group’s debut album.The mum of two is allegedly ‘devastated’ by the breakup and now it seems the One D boys have left another heartbroken girl behind, after Louis dumped Hannah.

A source close to the band told The Daily Star:“All the lads are now young, free and single to concentrate on recording their debut album and promote their new single.”

They added:

“Zayn was pretty gutted about the break-up. But Louis felt restricted trying to juggle his relationship with being in the band. The boys are really busy recording their debut album and it became harder and harder for Louis and Hannah to see each other. He tried to make it work but when the band release their first single later this summer he wants to be 100 per cent focused on that.”


Let me just say something:Dudeeeeeee,this is freaking crazy!!!I hope after the single is out & co ,everything will get back to normal,because they love each other and this isn’t fair..or this is how it looks to me anyway..


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