One Direction have reportedly been banned from dating girls.
According to Heat, Zayn Malik split from fellow X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson under orders from the group’s management.

“The boys were seemingly rounded up by their advisors and told that as their main market will be teenage girls, it would be best if they were single,” an alleged insider told Heat.

“There was more pressure on Zayn, who is the band’s number one totty and main singer because he’s so fit.”

Malik reportedly hopes to reunite with Ferguson when the band’s schedule is less hectic.

“Zayn thinks they still have a future, but is asking for Rebecca to be patient with him while he follows his dreams,” a supposed friend added to the publication.

“He told her he wants to focus on his career for the next few months and felt he couldn’t give her and her children enough time and that would be unfair.”

– Digital Spy


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