One Direction Debut Single.

The 5 piece who found fame after forming during last years X factor have a single coming out this September!

One Direction announce new single ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ . The track will be released digitally on September 11th and on CD the 12th September.

The single comes with a B side titled ‘Na Na Na’ . The digital package currently placed at number three on the iTunes album chart based on pre-orders alone.

The video for the track was shot last mounth in Los Angeles.

One Direction have described their debut single as ‘perfect‘ and ‘hope everyone loves it

hear the single preview at 4.30 pm on Friday 5th August on Radio BBC 1 and listen to the single in FULL version on Wednesday 10th August on Radio One between 6.30 and 10 pm.Likely to be played from 8 am though.



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