One Direction prepare to take over the world

Since coming 3rd in last season’s X Factor, One Direction have been scuttling around the world recording their debut album, much to their huge army of fan’s excitement.  London to L.A etc etc, the five boys are now getting ready to premiere their debut single on radio 1 this week.

They’ll be releasing their first single „What makes you beautiful” with the b-side ‘”Na Na Na” on September 11th 2011 and you can hear it first on the Scott Mills radio show on Wednesday 10th August from 6.30am.  Despite the single’s unheard status, they’ve managed to secure themselves a comfy spot and number 2 in the Itunes chart already, purely on pre-orders.

Ensuring that they appeal to more than just the teenage girls (although we know their mum’s all secretly would too), they’ll be appearing at G-A-Y on Saturday 17th September 2011.  If you’re under 18, not gay, and not a regular of the club, don’t expect to get in to see them, they’re particularly famous about being particularly particular about who they let in, especially on nights with pretty boybands.

We’ve heard the song, it’s pretty damn good, granted I thought I was listening to Summer Nights to begin with, but it’s funky, summery, and very catchy.  Definitely a guilty pleasure of ours!



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