One Direction are practically sitting in The Priory already, rocking back and forth with track-marks up their arms, shivering and wondering how it all went so wrong.

OK so maybe that was a *slight* exaggeration, but if reports are to be believed then the boys have been given a midnight curfew by their record label to try and make them cut down on all the partying.

Bags under the eyes and breath that smells like a brewery can’t be good for promoting What Makes You Beautiful, so One Direction are said to have been told to make it back to their hotels by midnight.

„With a packed diary their bosses know the band need to be in decent shape,” a source told The sun.

„So, for the time being at least, they’ve been told to rein it in or risk a rollicking.”

Ooph, a rollicking indeed! They’ll have to stick to playing tic-tac-toe with some lashings of ginger beer lest they receive A ROLLICKING.


Apparently things all ‘came to a head’ (as they say) when the boys were out for Alexandra Burke’s birthday last week. Reports say that their minders came to pick the boys up but they were having so much fun they wanted to stay out, so went and hid in the loos!


Well, that’s all we’ve got to say on that story. Why not check out the Ultimate One Direction Gallery. It’s so good every word gets capped.

Or maybe head over to the One Direction channel for loads more recent pics of the boys, and check them out when they went out for Alexandra Burke’s birthday here.


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