The boys with fans today.

Me and Harry today :D

Me and Liam today :D

Me and Zayn today :D

Me and Louis today!! :D

Credit to

Me and @NiallOfficial :) xx

Me and @ZaynMalik ! The sun was in my eyes again :( xx

Me and @Real_Liam_Payne :) The Sun was in my Eyes!

Me And @Louis_Tomlinson

Me And Beautiful @Harry_styles

Credit to @StylesLover98

Credit to @1direction4lyf


Credit to @EllaBSx

me and lou today :)

love this :) (please give me credit if you take it)

lou’s hair is so cute in this!

me and harry today :D



Niall Today

omg, lol, this is when he saw this girl’s liverpool sticker on her phone.




Liam today, he is adorable!

i love niall so much!

Credit to @Lauren_Saker

Credit to owner.


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