One Direction like to flirt. They can dress it up whichever way they like, but we’ve had first hand experience of that cheeky glint in their eyes and how every girl in the vicinity’s knees suddenly go weak when they enter a room.

For this reason we’re a little surprised at how coolly certain members of the band were when heat magazine questioned them on their flirtatious antics.

When asked who gets the most numbers Louis Tomlinson immediately said “Harry”, to which Mr Styles corrected: “I don’t get the most numbers.” The Tomlinator then said: “Zayn’s the dark horse”, while the rest of the band cracked up.

Zayn Malik a dark horse? No we’re not having that!

Luigi T then spoke up for his bromatic partner, saying: “Can I just say on behalf of Harry, he won’t say it himself, but he’s an incredible flirt, he does it very well. He knows when to do it and where.

Fancy shooting over to Marble Arch then Harry, we’re don’t think there’s much there, ahem us, but yeah come round.

When it comes to smooth talking the lay-dees these boys don’t mess around with “ladder in your tights” and “get your coat” type lines, they’re too cool for that – least not Zayn.

People don’t use chat-up lines, trust me”, he told heat.

There are techniques like playing it cool or playing hard to get, but I wouldn’t use well rehearsed lines.

Harry then interjected: “Dance moves work well.

To which Louis added: “Let me give you a demo. You’re in a club, you’re having a good time, you see her looking at you, there’s a dog there, you’re patting the dog on the head and you’re screwing a lightbulb.

We think we know the one he means, he and Niall showed us when we were on a shoot with them, check out this video and you’ll see a few clips of at around the 1.04 and 2 minute marks.



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