September dates

  • Tonight, 5.30, live chat at
  • Friday – wristbands for Lakeside Shopping Centre book signing on the 15th go on release at 9am
  • Saturday, 7.00 – 8.15pm, Red or Black, live performance
  • Sunday, 4.40 – 5.00pm, ITV2, hot desk
  • Sunday, WMYB digital download released!
  • Monday 12th – Physical copy of WMYB released!
  • Tuesday 13th – Nialler’s 18th birthday!
  • Tuesday 13th – Liam in heat magazine
  • Tuesday 13th – about 7am I think, Daybreak, ITV1
  • Thursday 15th – Book signing at Lakeside Shopping Centre
  • Thursday 15th – Dare To Dream book comes out!
  • Tuesday 20th – Louis in heat magazine
  • Tuesday 27th – Niall in heat magazine
  • Thursday 29th – MY BIRTHDAY BITCHEZ.


  • Tour dates are apparently going to be released ‘at the end of the month’
  • Harry in heat magazine in early October
  • Probably on more chat shows, radio stations and magazine interviews and shoots.



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