Maybe One Direction should take a listen to their own What Makes You Beautiful lyrics! The boys, who are some of the fittest humans around right now, worry about dodgy pap shots of themselves! What is this madness? The camera LOVES you guys, give it what it wants.

Ok, so we have seen some pictures of the guys when they’re caught in motion, and yes sometimes their faces may be contorted in weird ways, but they still look fit. And we definitely still would.

In an interview with Yahoo’s omg! Louis said: Sometimes you get photographed/caught with a terrible look on your face, and you just look at it and it’s awful.

Niall agreed saying: „A lot of our shoots are fun based with us jumping around so if you get caught mid air you get a weird face.

Harry recalls a particularly traumatic photograph. „I saw one photo of me where my mouth is literally like [pulls  open, not so attractive face]

Zayn said: „I’ve seen a horrible one of myself.” And Liam agreed with him! Bit harsh. He said: „In that one photo of Zayn, we had to edit it as his face looked so strange.” Way to knock a man when he’s down.

But Liam got some criticism from the lads too, Louis said: „At Alexandra Burke’s birthday Liam hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol but there’s a picture of him with his eyes rolled back, as if he was winking.

We think this may have been the shot they’re talking about

Admittedly it’s not his finest hour but that face could never really look bad!

They’re still hot even when they’re pulling silly faces.

We guess they just don’t know they’re beautiful. Bad dum chhhhh!


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