One Direction Live On Capital

In just over two hours we’ll be giving you the chance to chat live to One Direction.

One Direction

The X Factor runners-up will be calling in to Capital FM to celebrate their Vodafone Big Top 40 No. 1 this evening from 7pm.  While they’re here we’ll be sitting them down in front of the webcams for an exclusive chat with you.

The fun starts at 7pm.  Don’t worry, there’s no need to reserve your place, you’re guaranteed entry to One Direction Live On Capital.

While you wait, why not check out our photos of the boys themselves…

This is your chance to ask the lads everything you’ve wanted to know about Niall, Zayn, Liam, Harry and Louis since they first appeared on our screens last year.

You can get your questions in now by adding them in the comments below or tweeting @CapitalOfficial using the hashtag #1DonCapital.

If you’re not around this evening you’ll be able to watch all the highlights back here after the chat.

IMPORTANT: You’ll need to refresh this page at 7pm to join in with the chat and remember to tell your friends!


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