One Direction: „We’re Just Five Normal Lads”

Despite their success, the lads insist they are still ordinary teenagers…

One Direction may have only just unleashed their debut single on the charts, but the lads have confessed they are already loving their new found fame.

The boyband, who finished third on The X Factor last year, have already smashed download pre-order records with their first track, What Makes You Beautiful, but they insist they are still five ordinary young men.

Speaking of their success and growing fan base, member Zayn Malik told The Mirror: „We’re five normal lads, we’re not ­massively ripped, we don’t have amazing bodies and we freely admit we can’t dance,

He continued: „We had a girl who flew from Australia to America on her birthday just to meet us at the airport. Now that’s utter dedication. It’s unbelievable really.

Niall Horan agreed: „You start to recognise the same girls because they turn up ­wherever we are, although there have been a few new ones recently. I’ve noticed a load from France. Maybe it’s their school holidays or something.

When asked about the comparisons between 1D and legends The BeatlesHarry Styles stated: „Comparing us to The Beatles is ridiculous. We’re not exactly going to be complaining if we come second to them in the charts…

Louis Tomlinson added: „We know we are ­living the dream and I don’t know if it will ever properly sink in. It’s such a dramatic change from what our lives were before and I can’t see it ever getting normal.

When we go home to see friends, we are around people who aren’t living the same life as us, so it’s still weird. But if any of us does start to take themselves a bit too seriously they’ll be getting a slap from the rest of the band to keep him in check.


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