One Direction’s new home

Remember when 1D said that their new home is “amazing”? Yeah… they weren’t kidding.

Some pictures from inside have emerged today and it’s pretty impressive viewing.

While some of the furnishing is a little naff, the lads won’t mind.

One bedroom has massive chandeliers hanging above the huge bed, adorned with gold silk sheets.

Boss Simon Cowell has sorted the boys out with an apartment each in their own private block — except for youngest member Harry Styles and the group’s caner Louis Tomlinson, who will share.

There is more than enough room to spread their wings and host a few parties.

  Another bedroom has an all-white theme complete with flash mirrored furniture and fancy lighting.

One of the lounges has a huge sofa and cushions with the faces of Muhammad Ali and Audrey Hepburn printed on them.

There are also a few bottles of champers on hand for the band members who are eligible to drink.

Another room with large windows has a sparkling white sofa complete with modern artwork.

Not the most sensible decor for a group of young lads.

They also have a gym and cinema room at their disposal.

Louis said: “Me and Harry are sharing a flat and the other boys have their own. At the moment they are a work in progress but the cinema room is a really cool place.

It’s on the top floor of the block. We’re going to get all of our mates round to watch a film in it. It’s amazing — not that I want to brag.

One Direction released debut single What Makes You Beautiful on Monday and it’s already at No1 in the iTunes chart.

 They’re travelling around the country this week on a promo tour even though the song’s nailed-on for the top spot on Sunday thanks to record-breaking pre-order figures.

When the boyband — Harry, Louis, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan — eventually get some time off they will christen their cinema room’s huge screen.

And they have already picked out Anchorman as the film to break it in.

A great choice.


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