After eating his words about the X Factor and „everything they stand for” and having a listen to What Makes You BeautifulN-Dubz’s Dappy has revealed he’s had a change of heart and is now a One Directioner.

Good news for the boys then as Niall Horan is keen to work with him – or as Dappy might say, do A WELL SICK MASH UP INNIT.

Recently, since I’ve listened to a few of Dappy’s new tunes, I’d love to work with him,” Niall told Capital FM – watch the boys on the show here.

“His new song is massive,” added Harry. Maybe not quite as massive as your tune choon there Hazza, it’s been sitting at the top of the charts ever since its release last weekend and looks set to officially chart at the top spot.

What do you think a One Direction and Dappy collaboration would sound like?

The Wanted have already confirmed a duet with N-Dubz for their new album, and Nathan hinted that Tulisa might be featuring on her own on one of their new tracks too, while Fazer’s off to the studio with Katy Perry!

N-Dubz get around.

We caught up with N-Dubz singer Dappy for a chat about his burgeoning solo career. There was SO much to talk to him about… his new single No Regrets which is out this Sunday, Tulisa’s X Factor career, a potential One Direction and The Wanted collaboration and whether he takes long baths with scented candles.


N-Dubz are on a break and Dappy’s solo career is now his main focus. He has plans to collaborate with the awsome Wanted lads, hopes to do something with Rihanna and will be writing some big, emotional ballads.

Plus We HAD to ask Dappy how he felt about a One Direction duet considering that 1D’s Niall Horan recently announced he’d like to work on some material with Dappy.

Turns out Dappy is a BIG One Direction fan, „I love One Direction, they’re a breath of fresh air and their record that’s just gone to number one. It’s a hit record and that’s that.

He then began to sing the That’s What Makes You Beautiful and do a little head dance, before continuing…

Yeah I do wanna work with them. I’ll look cool, man. I’d dress like more smart, like nice, maybe not a hat, I’d have shades on and a shirt…

Check out the interview…


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