Oh dear One Direction‘s Harry Styles has a new admirer. We’re adding beautiful, talented, multi-millionaire Emma Watson to our list of girls we have to compete with to get Harry Styles. SERIOUSLY… how are we meant to out-do Hermione bleedin’ Granger?! We just haven’t got that kind of magic up our sleeves.

According to The Daily Star, Emma Watson and the One Direction boys were at the same showbiz party.

A source told the paper, „Emma made a beeline for Harry at a recent showbiz part in London. She was fighting her way through a huge sprawl of girls who were crowding around the lads.

Emma’s not really into the band’s music, but she admitted she couldn’t wait to have a peek at Harry in the flesh. She was saying how cute and adorable he was.

They concluded, “It’s safe to say he made a big impression on her. She definitely had the hots for him.”

We’re not sure how true this rumour is seeing as Emma Watson is happily settled with her boyfriend Johnny Simmons. HOWEVER, we have felt the raw sexual magnetism of Harry Styles and witnessed the alluring flick of his curly hair and just can’t imagine any woman who would be able to resist it.

Scientifically speaking Emma Watson HAS to fancy Harry.


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