One Direction are turning no one on

ONE Direction had better release an advent calendar this year.

Their fans will be gutted to hear that the only Christmas lights they’ll be turning on will be wrapped around a tree inside their new London pads.

They’ve turned down loads of requests from radio stations to do the „big switch on” in cities across the UK and Ireland due to safety fears.

A source said: „Every city wants One Direction to turn on their Christmas lights. It’s a family-orientated occasion so the boyband fit the bill perfectly. But due to the sheer volume of fans who make their way to these events, security costs would be sky high.”

The lads would have been delighted to visit their home towns to do the honours. They could have done a mini tour, taking in Harry Styles’ old manor Holmes Chapel in Cheshire, then Doncaster for Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik‘s city Bradford, Liam Payne‘s pad in Wolverhamton, then over to Mullingar in Ireland with Niall Horan.

Same Difference are available if anyone needs stand-ins.


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