We frickin’ love One Direction’s Niall Horan, we really, do. In fact there are days in which we are on the cusp of naming him our “favourite member of a boy band ever” (don’t worry Jay McGuiness you’re still in the running), and our latest interview with him has taken our weird, slightly obsessive totally wholesome love to a whole new level.

Sure we go a bit weak at the knees at seeing Niall crossing the lines between messing about and no-nonsense Irishman (see 0.30); and yes he does look like he’s been blessed by an angel, but what really made us get butterflies and shed a small tear of delight was when he said he goes on Sugarscape all the time.

THAT’S US. THAT’S HERE. THAT’S NIALL COULD BE ON HERE RIGHT NOW! *Sorts out hair, brushes lunch off lap* Oh hi there Niall, how are you? Would you like to come over and… check out our Abode Flash Player for us?

Oh we’re crap at talking to fit boys.

Well that was a massive pile of awesomeness wasn’t it? And Niall, you like to call boobies “chicken fillets” eh? Well, each to their own.

Love a bit of Niall, what was your favourite part of the interview?

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