So when Ed Sheeran’s album ‘+’ hit the number one spot how did he celebrate? Go party all night long? Take a jacuzzi with hot models? Fly to New York frickin’ York because he’s famous and feels like it? Well… er… no. He actually played some lego with One Direction’s Harry Styles until they feel asleep.

Aw, bless them.

Ed Sheeran, The A Team singer, told MTV News, „The first thing I did when I went to number one is I went to Hamley’s and I bought a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon…

Harry actually bought me a big bit of Lego for going number 1; he bought me the Imperial Star Destroyer and not last night but the night before, we stayed up until about 3 o’clock in the morning making it, and then fell asleep, and got up and made some more. It was really good.

Once they finished building their Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon they had some warm milk and cookies before playing pirate ships, but after diving off the sofa, Harry got a baddy knee and Ed had to put his Super Teddy plasters on it.

Ok…we might have made up that last paragraph but we imagine this is how it went…

We’re actually just making fun of you boys because we wish you’d invited us to your lego party *sad face*.


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