Through obsessive stalking / thorough research for our jobs, we’ve learnt a lot about what Harry Styles looks for in a gal-pal.

We’ve discovered that he likes girls who are „cute” (what? really? shocker), someone who „has a good sense of humour and is loyal„, and that he doesn’t „have a hair colour type.

The Curly King has also said that he likes having someone he can spoil, and „somebody to call up in the middle of the night and just talk to,” which made out knees wobble the first time we found it out and to be totally honest we’ve had to have a sit down all over again.

Well, when Hazza Stazza was bored t’other day he did a little q+a sesh on Twitter, and told a fan some GROUNDBREAKING NEWS about what he looks for in a girl.

Get ready, it’ll shake your world.

Not sure, someone nice. Someone I’d want to take home to my parents.


This changes EVERYTHING. We’re surprised The Times didn’t lead with it this morning.

From Harry’s sesh (ooh err) we also found out that he was too impatient to learn the guitar when he was 9, he likes honeycomb ice cream, would like to skydive, and that if he woke up bald he would slap himself on the head.


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