When we asked Matt Cardle if he was annoyed that One Direction had released their single before him despite not winning the X Factor, Matt told us this;

It hasn’t pissed me off, it’s absolutely fair game. Everybody went into that show as individuals, obviously One Direction got put into a group… everybody has worked so hard, everybody crapped their pants every weekend like everyone else. Everybody deserves to do what they’re doing.

„I didn’t want to bring out my album ‘til I’d written it properly and ‘til I was happy with it… I’m polar opposite to Cher Lloyd, and also to One Direction. They’re a boyband for a start, and appealing to every teenage girl on the planet. That’s not me is it?

Well, now he seems to have changed his tune!

They’re competition and it is s*** they got to release before the winner of the actual show,” he told the Sunday Mirror.

It’s also worrying me that if One Direction decide to get slicker and go for more of an older market, then I’m stuffed too. It shouldn’t have happened really. Simon’s naughty.

“I just hope I’ll be able to cement myself into the charts before that happens. Otherwise I’ll be fuming. I can’t win unless I have an album that does the talking, and I think it does.

Eh? Not that we’re being biased or anything, but we think that what Matt told us makes more sense; he didn’t have his album ready by the time Cher and One Direction put out their first singles, and he’s a totally different artist to One Direction.

As much as we love Matt, we probably wouldn’t buy Matt Cardle bedsheets, he’s marketed to a totally different audience.


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