We happened to have noticed that the One Direction have, you know… HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS of Twitter followers and that you guys BOMBARD them every day with MILLIONS of tweets. So how do you actually get Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall to notice you and even follow you on Twitter?

Well, we thought we’d do a public service by asking Harry Styles this exact question. We should be the prime minister, seriously.

The answer involves this hand movment:

Harry Styles – using this hand movement – revealed the sacred secret to getting noticed. As he did so the other OneD boys screamed in horror. Louis and Niall eventually had to jump in to rectify the situation.

Oh Harry.

Check it out:

We’re going to help One Direction here by pointing out that Harry Styles said doing ‘lots of spaces’ will get you noticed but they will NOT like you for it.

If you want their love, like Niall and Louis said, just say something nice, cross your fingers and wait.

Wish you were followed by One Direction on Twitter? What are you going to do? Comments below please!

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