Remember when we hosted that amazing One Direction meet and greet competition at their Dare to Dream book signing? You all went wild for it and we picked three lucky winners Chloe, Sam and Charlotte. They got to hang with One Direction before the signing and basically HAD THE BEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES, right girls?

Well Sam told us that the whole thing was ‘AMAZING‘ and that the boys were, „Really lovely, down to earth, and so funny!

We asked the girls to send over their pics from the event so you could all share in the love. Never know, next time it could be you!

Here’s the lovely Charlotte with OneD…

Chloe and her friend chilling with the boys…

Sam and her friend with the gang. According to Sam, Louis said, „LET’S DO THE JAZZ HANDS” if you’re wondering why he’s er… doing the jazz hands.


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