The good news is that One Direction are filming another music video! The bad news is they’ve gotten themselves into some transport related trouble on the set. Again. Actually it’s not that bad, it’s rather funny.

You’ll already know that Louis Tomlinson got the boys into trouble for speeding while filming the video for What Makes You Beautiful, and according to The Sun it was Louis who got the rest of the guys into some bother aboard a boat on a lake in New York. Why does this not surprise us?

The source said: „Louis and the boys have been going out on the lake outside their hotel every day in kayaks. The weather has been brilliant and they are really enjoying the peace and quiet away from the madness of screaming fans. They found a small sailing boat and decided to get on board. Louis ended up throwing Liam in the water…

Hmmm, we can see where this is going. They’re like the real life inbetweeners.

The rest of the lads started wrestling to stop Louis throwing anyone else in and the boat capsized. They had to swim back to the shore where they were given a b*llocking by one of the local Port Authority officials. He was screaming at them but Louis and the boys just scarpered. They are hoping they’ll be back in the country before any bills arrive at their hotel reception for the recovery of the boat.”

 Another article here

I bet they are or they’ll have big Simon to deal with.

But it wasn’t just Louis who was causing some damage. Zayn Malik managed to crash a vespa into a wall. He wasn’t hurt thankfully but be careful Zayn! We like our One Direction boys in one piece!

Not to be outdone though, in another scene Louis burnt out the cooling system of a mini cooper because he revved it too hard. Will he ever learn?

In the future we really don’t think it’s wise to allow the boys to operate anything that’s expensive or capable of damage. Here’s a concept for the next video a plain room with nothing but cushions and feathers, with any camera equipment behind a clear perspex wall.


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