One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson “in awe” of how fit Eleanor Calder is!

So this might make for some painful reading, but if we can all hold hands and support each other we might just be able to get through it.

According to Now magazine, One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is really, really into new girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.

OK, let’s take a few moments to breathe through the pain and move on.

Here comes the quote: “Louis can’t believe his luck. He’s in awe of how fit she is,” says a friend about the fittie and the part-time underwear model.

Mouthy mates also say that the pair have been on lots of dates. Ouch.

The friend added: “They’ve been secretly dating and the lads in the band think she’s like a female version of Louis because she’s not afraid to bend the rules – just like him.

She could be serious girlfriend material.

We repeat: “We will be happy for Louis and Eleanor. We will be happy for Louis and Eleanor. We will be changing our names to Eleanor…” sorry what?


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