One Direction Twitter wars!

If being born on a reality TV show didn’t make One Direction a band for the modern age, then their Twitter presence certainly has – they’re always frickin’ on it and therefore fully enabling our stalker tendencies, cheers boys.

But who posts the best Tweets? Are you a fan of Harry Styles’ random ramblings or do Zayn Malik’s profound words of wisdom get you every time? Let’s put the boys to a Twitter war and find out!

Just got the funniest text off @Harry_Styles , „i am locked in the gym” hahaha im still in stitches laughing !!

„”I just ate 3 bags of monster much on the motorway

I guess life always has a way of showing you things u don’t wanna see, but the more u resist the clearer things become . X

 „Ooopsss ha felt like being at school again caught out with my phone..

Today…..I took a Segway through a drive through to get a smoothie. That is all.

When we were at radio one , i might have did a wee in my pants with excitement and nerves

I need a cuddle anyone know of a hug dealer

I love the fact I grew up wanting a brother and now I have four love u boys man :)

Will someone please call Harry and tell him Im locked out!!

How do you lose a frying pan?! As a result I’m cooking an omelette in the bottom of a wok..

So they were some our our favourite tweets from the 1D fitties, whose do you think are the best?

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