Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder are ‘like a married couple’…

We’ve all been hit pretty hard by the fact that one by one the One Direction boys are being snapped up by the luckiest ladies ever, and it seems that Harry Styles feels our pain!

With Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and now Zayn Malik all now supposedly taken, not to mention Niall Horan apparently fancying X Factor’s Janet Devlin, Harry is said to be feeling the bitter loss of his wingmen.


According to The Sun the boys were planning to brand their new gaff as the ultimate bachelor pad (we’re imagining something similar to Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion with more Haribo and less silicone), but the boys getting all loved up put this plan to bed.

A source said: „When they hit the big time the lads made a pact to stay single and enjoy themselves. They promised they wouldn’t let women get between them.”

But look what’s gone and happened.

The source continued: „Now almost all of them have got themselves tied down. Harry sits on the couch and watches Louis and Eleanor snuggling up like a married couple.”

We can just imagine Harry sitting on the corner of the couch glancing over every now and again giving Eleanor daggers for taking his lover away.


There’s really only one solution Harry. Get yourself a bird. You know where we are.



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