Harry Styles Loses His One Direction Wingmen

Only Him And Niall Remain Single…

Harry Styles has reportedly been left twiddling his thumbs after three of his bandmates took themselves off the singles market.

Given that they are ever so slightly popular with girls, Harry was keen to enjoy himself and moved into a bachelor pad with bandmate Louis Tomlinson. However, he soon started dating model Eleanor Calder.

Add to that Liam Payne‘s girlfriend and Zayn Malik‘s rumoured relationship with Hollyoaks babe Stephanie Davis and you have one lonesome boyband member.

When they hit the big time the lads made a pact to stay single and enjoy themselves. They promised they wouldn’t let women get between them” a One D source told The Sun. 

But now almost all of them have got themselves tied down. Harry sits on the couch and watches Louis and Eleanor snuggling up like a married couple.

We still don’t think that Harry is going to struggle for female company somehow.


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