We told you last week how the lovely One Direction lads surprised Danielle Bailey infront of her whole school at assembly for Pride Of Britain 2011.

Danielle contracted meningitis when she was just four years old, and has put us all to absolute shame by managing to become a national amateur gold medalist for her swimming accomplishments, without full use of her arms or legs.

Well, now we feel about as useful as a delivery of high-necked tops for JLS.

The boys headed up to Danielle’s school in Yorkshire to tell her that she’d won the award, which she was then presented with at a swanky ceremony in London.

Beautiful Danielle looked chuffed to bits to have Harry Styles dropping onto his knees infront of her. Must have been a bit of a kick in the teeth to get Carol Voderman on the awards night hey?

Sorry Caggy.

Well, this hasn’t done much to fizzle out our burning love for 1D.


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