Ok, you know the deal by now. We got One Direction to all draw pictures of each other when we sat down for a chat with them, and we’re giving them away to you guys!

We’ve already given you the chance to win Niall by Liam and Zayn by Niall (this is gonna get confusing), and now we’re offering you Harry by Zayn!

Just look at how expertly Harry’s cheeky grin and dirty mind has been captured by Mr Malik in this quality, original portrait.

Luxuriate in the lavish pen strokes and careful detailing around the hair, while enjoying the gentle tenderness given to the jawline and the strange collar Harry appears to be wearing.


To win, just look at our pics of One Direction at G-A-Y here and tell us what page number this snap of Harry falling over is on!


Comp closes on October 14th and you can enter from anywhere in the world! Woop.

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