One Direction tease RedOne collaboration

X Factor finalists One Direction have teased fans by admitting they have been working in the studio with super producer RedOne.

The ‘What Makes You Beautiful‘ singers have kickstarted their careers with gusto after landing a No.1 with their debut single and by collaborating with RedOne, who has previously worked with pop icon Lady Gaga and, look set to continue with great strength.

The boys revealed a few details about their forthcoming album to the Daily Star newspaper and said:

„It’s anthemic. We can’t say that enough times. To work with RedOne was such a big deal. It’s (the collaboration) more like the sound he created with Nicole Scherzinger. Powerful.

They also opened up a little more about their partnership with Ed Sheeran, who they wrote and recorded music with recently, and added:

Getting to write and record with Ed on our album was an honour. We need a ginger guy in the group. The closest thing we have is an Irish guy, me.

Ed is phenomenal. He’s been one of the artists who has blown up in a major way. We were surprised by the album because it’s more like the calm, acoustic nice guy Ed. I thought he was going to give us more of that You Need Me vibe.


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