One Direction launched their new Nokia phones exclusively at the Carphone Warehouse this week, and we thought it would only be polite to pop along for a little chat and perve over Louis Tomlinson show our support to the boys.

While we were on the subject of phones, we asked the boys what they’d be most worried about other people stumbling across if they lost their mobiles.

„Probably, not even kidding, our embarrassing videos,” said Louis.

„We’ve made some weird videos…”

Or the voice notes!” interrupted Liam. „We leave each other voice notes!

Err…right. What exactly are these voice notes like then?

Just like (puts on a funny voice) ‘Hellooo! Vas happening?Just really stupid ones,” said Zayn.

They went through this phase of sending each other voicemails,” confirms Niall – our reliable source on the scene.

We used to do Phil Mitchell to each other,” said Liam.

Louis would be Ian Beale, and I’d phone him up and be like (in cockney accent) ‘Alright, it’s Phil.’ „

There is NOBODY BETTER on telly than Ian Beale!” Yes, thank you Louis, we know you’re a bit of a fan.

Yeah, I dabble.

„We used to get Ian Beale and Phil Mitchell into songs and nobody would notice when we were on the X Factor tour.

„You know in kids in America when it’s like ‘we’re the kids!’? We used to be like ‘Ian Beale!’

Well, unless you’re Liam of course; „I used to just shout PHIL!

Good for you Liam. Good for you.


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