All pop groups need a ginger member and there’s a real shortage of them at the moment, especially when it comes to boy bands.

Ever the ones to offer a solution, One Direction are thinking of recruiting ginger singer (can you make that rhyme in your heads please), Ed Sheeran.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Niall Horan said: “Getting to write and record with Ed on our album was an honour.

“We need a ginger guy in the group. The closest thing we have is an Irish guy, me.

Well we happen to think that Ed fits in perfectly. All he needs to do now is come up with a few nicknames for boobs and perfect his “do-o-orr” and he’s in. (We hope you’re admiring our seamless Photoshop work by the way.)

Ed is phenomenal. He’s been one of the artists who has blown up in a major way, ” gushed Luigi T.

We were surprised by the album because it’s more like the calm, acoustic nice guy Ed. I thought he was going to give us more of that You Need Me vibe.”

Come on Ed, they’re pretty much crying out, begging you to join the band. It’s OK if you can’t dance, we’ve all seen Zayn Malik’s audition.

Are you as big an Ed Sheeran fan as the 1D boys, reckon he needs to be their ginger sixth member?


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