Life in One Direction must be pretty „oh-look-there’s-another-girl-throwing-herself-at-me” themed, especialliy for cat-loving Harry Styles.

But out of all the ladies that present themselves to him, how many do you think he actually fancies? Well, he seems to have taken a shine to our American amigo Victoria Justice after a meeting in London earlier today, when ol’ Vixy tweeted this picture;

Made some new UK friends today,” tweeted Victoria. „I think u might know these guys…

Oh Victoria, we salute you. You’ve picked a fine choice of new comrades there. A fine choice. Good work.

Met the lovely @victoriajustice today,” said Harry.

„She’s going to have a great show tonight.

and she’s fit,” a fan tweeted to him.

Very true,” he tweeted back.


Just imagine if they got together, they’d have all kinds of glossy-hair tips to share.


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