So, like One Direction are like, well sensitive, modern kinds of guys right? They’re really cool and easy talking about deep stuff like emotions and girls and all that.

We found all of this out the other day when we had a lovely sit down chat with the lads…

Sugarscape: Who do you go to for girl advice and in an emotional crisis?

Niall Horan: Malik again.

Louis Tomlinson: But an emotional crisis and girl advice could come hand in hand!

Zayn Malik: Louis you always come and talk to me and I always come and talk to you.

Louis: In fairness there have actually been times when we’ve gone to everyone because we’re all with each other.

Zayn: Yeah, and Liam as well actually yeah, and Niall as well

Harry Styles: Usually in the car when we’re all there…

Louis: Yeah, sometimes we just sit in the back of the car and just go, (takes deep breath) “Right, this is what’s happened…”

And if you’re thinking of dating a member of 1D then be warned – you’ve got four others to impress first.

Sugarscape: If you’re thinking about dating a girl do you ask each others opinion first?

Zayn: Honest answer, we would.

Niall: You like the lads to like the girl too, you know?

So there you have it, the boys’ innermost, deepest, darkest secrets. Kind of.

Which member of 1D would you most go to for advice? We’ve always thought Liam…


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