Save the 1Day round up!

Well, what a crazy week it’s been. The guys lost their production laptop with all the pics, videos and content they’ve been making for their upcoming new album. Nightmare. So what did they do? They put out a plea for help on YouTube to try and get it back. All of sudden @1DCyberPunk appeared claiming to have the missing laptop and challenging 1D fans to win back the content if they can prove they are as big a fan as she is.

Directioners rose to the occasion as the boys formed One Direction Detection and asked you to get #Savethe1Day trending worldwide to unlock the hidden 1DCyberPunk site she’d set up. Well, you did it in minutes and properly showed 1DCyberPunk what you’re made of.

1DCyberPunk’s first challenge was a math’s challenge on 1D Superfan combined with a word scramble. Whilst Directioners were working out the answer someone hacked 1DCP’s hack and put the password Superfan in. Ooops!

On Friday night 1DCP launched Challenge 2 #LOVESCALES and asked you to upload 8000 pics of you making hearts to try and outweigh her love for 1D. It took a while but the 1D Family came together and defeated the fiendish 1DCyberPunk on Saturday afternoon. That’ll teach her!

So far you’ve retrieved the behind the scenes pic and saved the precious album artwork. The One Direction Detectives are the best!

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