Save the 1Day Round Up! 2

We’ve now seen the back of yet another full-on week trying to complete @1DCyberpunk’s challenges and get all of the content back from the lost 1D laptop and #Savethe1Day. After watching the Directioners meet her demands with ease in all of her previous tasks, 1DCyberpunk decided to really up her game with last Thursday’s challenge.

1DCP laid down the #1DPaperRace challenge on her site revealing instructions on how to create your very own origami versions of each member of One Direction. She gave you 5 hours to make every member of the band, take some photographic evidence and upload the image to her tumblr page.

You guys really rose to the occasion and after a few hours of cutting and sticking, the photos started rolling in…  Everyone was getting involved and helping each other out, @emdirection hosted a twitcam stream to help all Directioners complete the challenge and make some really awesome looking dolls – like this lot from tay-tomlinson and dreamingglifeawayy:

Unfortunately for the Directioners the target of 1000 submissions demanded by 1DCyberpunk wasn’t met, she won her first Challenge L and there would be no awesome content from the 1D Laptop for the Directioners.

In a last minute twist 1DCyberpunk decided to give you one last chance to get your hands on a juicy new 1D video. If the Directioners could rally round and work together to get #1DCyberpunkWINS trending worldwide then she promised to release the reward…

Yet again, when it comes to trending, there’s no one better than the 1D Family and the hashtag was trending worldwide within 20 minutes.

1DCyberpunk released the unlock code: MYOWN1D, which held the key to an exclusive behind the scenes video of the guys on their latest photo shoot for their upcoming album.

On Friday night we saw the launch of two new Challenges, #1DFASHION and #1DEVERYWHERE. @1DCyberpunk’s now off on holiday for a week so you can relax and concentrate on making your submissions for #1DEVERYWHERE really good, she’s looking for quality not quantity in this one… At the same time we need to get our Detective caps on and our magnifying glasses out for #1DFASHION, 1DCPis revealing her two final clues for this challenge later today!

Good luck Directioners!


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