Ed Sheeran is pretty much BESSIE MATES with Harry Styles now right? They play lego together, they tweet each other little in-jokes…Louis Tomlinson should be worried.

So obviously our magical minds have been wandering around the edges of Duet Avenue – an Ed Sheeran feature on a One Direction track? Harry popping up on Ed‘s next album? Amazing.

Ed doesn’t think that’s on the cards.

I don’t think we’re ever gonna collaborate like that. We’re two totally different artists. It’s more like I’m just mates with Harry.

„I like hanging out with him and we have a laugh but we’re not really gonna do songs together.

„I do my thing and they do their thing. They’re lovely lads but I wouldn’t wanna do that,” he told the Mirror.

„I wrote a song for my album that didn’t end up making my album and I’ve given it to them for their record.”

Oh lovely, so they get the dregs then.

JOKES. We bet Ed Sheeran’s dregs are better than a spit in the mouth from The Queen. Not that she does that kind of thing of course.

Are you disappointed that an Ed / One Direction collaboration isn’t on the cards?


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