Fans who were lucky enough to get tickets to see the wonderfully sexy One Direction in action on their forthcoming tour can do a little dance of joy right now because the guys have revealed that they have plans to get the fans as involved as possible.

There are no limits to how involved we would like to get.

According to Niall Horan, the design for the tour, which starts in December, is already underway! We cannot wait to see it! To be fair though they could stand infront of a brick wall in complete silence for 2 hours and we’d still travel far and wide to see it happen.

Niall tweeted: „Had a look at the creative for our tour yesterday with our amazing producer!! sooooo exciting! gona be a sick show. We’re gona involve you guys in the show as much as we can.”

Oooo please pull people on stage! And since we suggested this absolutely brilliant and totally original idea can it be us?

Have you got tickets to see 1D? What do you think of these plans? How should they involve the fans?


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