One Direction popped up on the Chris Moyles Quiz Show over the weekend to provide a video for the maths question, changing the lyrics to What Makes You Beautiful especially for the show – introducing the slighty questionable rhyming of tell with terrible.

This video is a bit strange; on one hand, it’s One Direction, they’re looking gorgeous, Louis Tomlinson is rubbing Liam Payne‘s nipple and Harry Styles has got a proper pose on.


On the other hand, it’s a bit like watching Sesame Street. But Sexy Sesame Street, which feels ALL KINDS OF WRONG.

Anyway, here are the new lyrics;

You’re insecure, so half of four,
Your old brains are not what they were before, 
Add two threes, it’s fine for us, 
‘cause we’re young and we can still remember stuff

Everyone else can multiply by 60, 
Everyone else can add two

Now take off one hundred and add on 24,
Then divide by two and add on seven more 
And if you’re struggling now it’s not hard to tell 
You don’t know, your maths skills are terrible

If only you had a mind like me 
You’d understand how to divide the sum by three, 
And then just add on the age of this OAP 
You don’t know, your maths skills are terrible


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