So apart form being dead handsome and having a lovely singing voice,One Direction’s Zayn Malik is really deep. Like really, really deep. But instead of putting his wisdom and insightful musings down on paper, he communicates them to the world via Twitter. How very modern.

Zayn is a poet, a life coach, a philosopher and a spiritual advisor all in one. (Just ignore the fact he’s not too hot on the ol’ spelling front.)

So let us now take you on an enlightening journey of Zayn’s tweets. We’re not guaranteeing you’ll discover the meaning of life along the way, but there’s a sizable chance you will.

Live for who and what you love .. and never compromise your beliefs for anything or anyone .. x

Night guys , X x X and remember live learn and love xx

Gna do some writing today feelin philosophical aha :p x

I love the fact I grew up wanting a brother and now I have four love u boys man :)

Learn from yesterday , live for today and hope for tomorrow , x

There comes a day when you realise turning the page is the best feeling in the world,”

Because you realise there’s so much more to the book than the page u were stuck on :) x

I guess life always has a way of showing you things u don’t wanna see, but the more u resist the clearer things become .

Balance and stability is the key to sucess night tweeters :) x

Is it just me or is bianca gasgoine quite hot ?” OH AND HE WAS DOING SO WELL!

So do you feel enlightened, has this journey fed your soul with a little more wisdom than what you’re used to? OH IT HAS US!


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