Last week it was alledged that the Xtra Factor presenter Caroline Flack, 31, and One Direction‘s Harry Styles, 17, were caught kissing. OH how we have pondered on this kiss. Did it really happen? Was it a jokey kiss taken out of context? Or are they having a passionate affair behind all our foolish backs?

Well we all watched the awkward video of Harry Styles being asked about it, his indicipherable response being… ‘no‘, ‘yeah‘, ‘it wasn’t like that‘ and ‘she’s hot‘. So how did Caroline Flack react when she was asked about the kiss on TELEVISION by Louis Walsh?!

Louis Walsh put Caroline Flack on the spot during the Xtra Factor when he rounded on her and asked, „What this about you and One Direction?” We’ve never been more proud of him.

Things got pretty awkward.

Everyone started laughing nervously and then Caroline responded, „I’ve no idea what you’re going on about Louis… but moving on….”.

Er Caroline, you might want to look behind you, your bum is totally on fire.

X Factor judge Tulisa then jumped in and said, „That’s not true, leave her alone...”

Caroline added, „Moving on...”

We think Caroline’s obvious side-stepping is rather suspect. If it wasn’t true surely she’d have just denied it right there and then, right? Hmmm.

Ok this video is kind of out of time but you can hear what they’re all saying…

So if you think THIS is awkward just wait until One Direction are on the X Factor Novemeber 13 and Caroline Flack has to interview them.

Oh we can’t wait for this *rubs hands together with twisted glee*.


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