One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder have already been described as acting like a ‘married couple’. Well, things are getting more and more serious all the time and now Eleanor has passed one of the hardest relationship tests out there… more important than impressing your boyf’s mates or bringing him soup when he’s got man flu… yes, it’s the MUM TEST.

You have to get the mum on board and apparently Eleanor has. According to The Mirror, Louis Tomlinson’s mum and Eleanor get on ‘like a house on fire‘!

Apparently, Louis Tomlinson took Eleanor home to Doncaster last weekend to spend some quality time with Mrs Johanna Tomlinson herself.

A source for the Mirror said, „They got on like a house on fire. It’s looking very serious – she’s the first girlfriend in a long time who Louis has introduced to his mum. It could be a long time before he is single again.”

Next they’ll be adopting a pet dog, mark our words.

We’ve been telling ourselves… it’s just a fling, it’s just a fling, he’ll be ours soon… but we’re slowly accepting that Louis and Eleanor are together. They are a pretty cute couple too!

But still, we’re probs going to pop round Doncaster to ply Louis Tomlinson’s mum with freshly baked muffins until she likes us just as much.


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