Calling all Save the 1Day newbies!

For all the Directioners out there who have just come across @1DCyberpunk and her box of tricks here’s the low down to get you up to speed and involved in this amazing adventure!

First off the boys managed to lose their production laptop and it got into the hands of a hacker / gamer / mega 1D fan. Rather than giving it back she decided to lay down a series of challenges to see if the Directioners could prove they are as big a fan as she is. If the Directioners win a challenge they get some of the laptop content back. Photos, videos, lyrics – the works!

So you win a challenge, get a code breaker, enter it on her site and get a reward. Sounds pretty simple right? Well the challenges aren’t always THAT simple! She’s had the Directioners making origami dolls of the boys, taking part in quizzes, doing complex maths sums and even dressing like her for Halloween. But it seems like Directioners are having a blast winning back the laptop content. Some are saying they run home from school or stay up late in different time zones around the world just to take part in the latest challenges!

So where do you go to take part?

Where 1DCyberpunk does her talking:

Where the challenges happen:

Where a lot of Directioners content lives:

If you’d like to bypass doing any of the challenges and hop straight into the rewards here’s the codes we’ve managed to uncover so far!

Challenge 1, #1DSUPERFAN, Code: SUPERFAN, Result: W
Challenge 2, #1DLOVESCALES, Code: DIGIHEART, Result: W
Challenge 3, #1DDIRECTORY, Code: YUMYUM, Result: W
Challenge 4, #1DPAPERRACE, Code: MYOWN1D, Result: L
Challenge 5, #1DEVERYWHERE, Code: B0YP1C, Result: W
Challenge 6, #1DFASHION, Code: MAKEME, Result: W
Challenge 7,  #1DWEBMIXER, Code: BACKCHAT, Result: W
Challenge 8, #1DWHEREISCYBERPUNK, Code: FANCLUBS, result: W
Challenge 9, #1DCYBERBEAUTY, Code: PRETTY, Resutlt: W
Challenge 10, #1DTRICKORTWEET, Code: 1DAAAH, Result: W

As you can see, we’re on a roll. We’ve only lost two challenges so far! Let’s keep going Directioners we’ve still got plenty more content to take back from that cheeky 1DCP! Keep an eye on her twitter for updates and news on the upcoming challenges.
Together we can Save the 1Day!

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