One Direction magazines

” Victoria Justice – I get One Direction in the Hollywood Clique” that the article in the german BRAVO. (my scan, if you use it please give the credit to me)


Together with singer Justin Bieber (17) and his girlfriend Selena Gomez (19) go to the cinema. With TV-Stars Avan Jogia (19) and Ariana Grande (18) bowling. With true Hollywood-Stars be friends – this is a dream of million people. Like Harry (17),Zayn, Niall, Liam(18) and Louis (19) from One Direction. For the 5 boys from England and Ireland will get this dream soon in fulfilment. Thank Victoria Justice . Because the “Victorious”-actrss wants 1D absolutely in her cool Hollywood-Clique. The 18 –year old girl thinks : “One Direction would good fit to us!” During the BRAVO-Interview she adored the newcomers:

“They are so nice – so down to earth and sympathic. Really cool guys.” That’s why Vic is going to introduce them to all her famous friends during their next visit in Los Angeles. But where does the actress know One Direction from? She tells us: “Harry, Zayn and Niall had a meeting at the same hotel as I was in London. When they found out that I was there they wanted to meet me.” And the chemistry was right. With their funny way they made the Hollywood-celebrity laugh. “They are so amusing”, giggles the 18-year-old. Although they don’t know eachother since a long time, Victoria took the singers into her heart. And the same will probably do her celebrity-friends in the USA. Everybody who hangs out with One Direction for one time, finds out: You can always have fun with these boys!


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