Niall might be shy, but he’s a sucker for a big cuddle. And we definitely detected some serious muscle…..

Q: You’re single at the moment. But what do you miss most about not having a girlfriend?
Niall: Someone to talk to, like a comfort. You know like when you’re at school and after wards you pop round and chat about the day?
Q: Some boys don’t like opening up about their feelings to girls though….
Niall: No, I don’t mind doing that at all. I miss that having someone there.
Q: How often do you need a hug?
Niall: I hug everyone all the time. I’m quite touchy feely. I definitely give the best hugs in the band. I’m known for it. Liam, can you come here so I can give you a hug? (Liam looks suspicious but comes over and they have a big man hug. We feel a bit awkward).
Q: What did the last girl you kissed say after you snogged her?
Niall: Erm, I really can’t remember. ‘Wow, you’re good’? Ha ha! Most girls just say I’m cute. I’m getting used to it now though, as the lads are always talking about it. I always get labeled as the cute one. It’s better than being called The Irish One though, which I used to get all the time., ‘So what do you like about Niall?’ ‘He’s Irish’. But that’s not a reason!.
Q: What’s the sexiest thing about you?
Niall: My eyes. It’s the only thing I do like about my body. I feel awkward talking about it actually.
Q: If you could swap a body part with anyone famous who would it be?
Niall: It would be sick to have Aston from JLS’s torso.
Q: Would you flash it as much as he does?
Niall: Does he flash it about a lot? I guess if I had a chest like his, then I would be getting it out all the time. I’ve recently joined the gym, actually. It’s not like we have any pressure to work out as we’re very natural, but I’m a very fit person anyway. I like to play a lot of sports. I’ve just moved into this flat which is right beside a gym, so I thought it would be silly not to join.
Q: Do you share with any of the boys?
Niall: No, I’m living on my own at the moment. Harry and Louis live together but we all live within about 100 yards of each other. It’s so nice to be able to go home and I decide what to eat, I decide what to watch on telly and I decide what time to go to bed at. I love it. I’m very clean aswell. I was very independent when I was at home, so I’ve always washed my own stuff and I’m quite domesticated. I hate mess. But we work such long hours that when I get in I just want to sit down. I’ll be making best friends with all the local take-aways. Hello Dominos!
Q: Who has the messiest place?
Niall: Well, Louis and Harry are the two messiest, so I was delighted when they decided to live together, as they could just be as messy as they like. But they’ve actually been really good. It’s cos their apartment is really nice, so I don’t think they want to mess it up.
Q: If you could be one of the other boys for a day who would you swap places with?
Niall: I’d love to be Louis. I’d love to be as out there and confident as he is. He’s always laughing, always messing about. He loves the craic. He’s very good for moral as well. He doesn’t really care what people think.
Q: Are you really a little bit shy then?
Niall: I think I have a good balance. I’m always up for a laugh, but at the same time I’m not as confident as people think I am when they first meet me. A lot of people say they thought I was quite loud when they saw me on The X Factor, but that’s how you can tell when I’m really nervous. I get totally hyperactive.


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