The boys in a German magazine

Interviewer: Describe each other! Let’s start off with Zayn – what do you like about him? And what annoys you? 
Harry: He’s our bad boy.
Zayn: Why do you always say that I’m the bad boy?
Liam: Because you look like one. You’re the only one of us that has a beard!
Zayn: I only forgot to shave!
Louis: Oh, I can’t stand Zayn’s belt by Gucci.
Zayn: What do you have against it? It’s pretty!
Louis: It’s chavvy.
[Harry, Niall and Liam nod approvingly]
Zayn: Okay, let’s continue with Harry. I think he had great hair. Hmm.. what else do I like about him? Right, he always cleans his teeth. But he’s grumpy in the morning.
Liam: What? Harry isn’t!
Louis: Right! He always cracks jokes right after he gets up. I’m grumpy, not Harry!
Zayn: Sometimes he is grumpy!
Liam: But then he’s grumpy to you, Zayn. You should ask yourself why..
Niall: [cracking up]
Zayn: Niall is next!
Harry: Oh yeah! I know what annoys me – he farts all the time!
Niall: You should rather say what you like about me I think!
Liam: Niall is always in a good mood!
Harry: And he looks like a furby!
Niall: Great! So you’re the handsome one in the band. And I’m the furby..
Harry: These things are so cute!
Zayn: And you said you looked like them as well, Niall!
Niall: Alright, I want to say something about Liam!
Liam: Well I’m eager to hear that!
Niall: Liam is a good friend. You can talk about everything to him. But what annoys me about him is his werid curl that’s really ALWAYS sticking out. It’s driving me nuts!
Liam: What? It’s not sticking out, is it?
Louis: No, today it looks great!
Liam: Thanks Louis, I’ll say something about you..
Louis: Oh no, I’m scared!
Liam: I think he’s the funniest of all of us. And what annoys me.. [thinking]
Zayn: He’s a slob!
Liam: That’s true! He always does things without thinking about them properly.
Niall: Louis’ untidyness annoys me! We had to share a tiny room when we were on the „X Factor”. We always cleaned up after him.
Liam: And what did he do to thank us? When he came back, the room looked as if we’ve never cleaned it!
Louis: There were only a few clothes lying on the floor, nothing major!
Zayn: It was anything but healthy sleeping in this room!
Louis: It didn’t bother me!
Zayn: Yeah, cause you’re so messy!
Liam: Okay, I think you can tell already that we’re slightly crazed. But I found really great friends in these four crazy people. We’re like brothers now – we fight and then make up. There’s nothing that can seperate us.


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