The curse of Harry Stylespenis strikes again. David Walliams has got himself into a bit of trouble after a joke he made on the Chris Moyles Quiz Night received a whopping TWO complaints to Ofcom.

We don’t want to be in trouble either, so be warned that the following content may offend, and contains sexual references. So there you go.

Remember when One Direction did their maths version of What Makes You Beautiful on Chris Moyles’ Quiz Night? Well Chris and David were having a little chat about 1D after the video came on, which begins 1 minute 30 seconds into this video, and CONTAINS POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE CONTENT. (Hello Ofcom, are we covered?)

Peter Foot (ha, Foot), the chairman of the National Campaign for Courtesy, said: „I’ve never heard of anything going this far. I’m amazed there hasn’t been more of an uproar about this because it is incredibly graphic language to use.”

While a Channel 4 bod said: „The show was appropriately scheduled post-watershed at 10pm and viewers were warned of strong language and adult humour.”

Do you think David was out of line or are you on the phone to the complaints department as caller number three right this minute?


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