If you’re like us then you probably feel some kind of overwhelming connection to One Direction. If anything ever happened to them or anyone ever upset them then you just don’t know what you’d do, and if they were in trouble you’d be there straight away to save them with frickin’ Lassie by your side.

Well, take a deep breath before you read how Liam Payne was turned into a blubbering tear-festival at school.

A few girls have made me cry, it’s not very nice,” he told We Love Pop. Through watery eyes, we imagine.

I was really gullible as a kid and if I found out a girlf fancied me and I thought that she was remotely attractive then my mates would get me to ask her out.

„This one time, they set me up with a girl who didn’t even like me. They made me ask her out when loads of people were around.”

I got instantly rejected and everyone just laughed at me. I felt terrible.

„Good mates, eh?


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