Last week we wrote a story about One Direction, in particular Louis Tomlinson, backing Frankie Cocozza on Twitter. Well, Louis Tomlinson stuck to his guns this week and tweeted his support to Frankie again.

It made some people angry at Louis, which then made a lot of One Direction fans angry that people were getting angry at Louis, who ended up getting a bit angry himself. It was crazy.

Frankie Cocozza performed the Black Eyed Peas I Gotta Feeling on this week’s show. Louis Tomlinson tweeted, „Come on lad.”

Followed by a slightly disappointed: „Wrong song choice :(

However, Louis wasn’t put off, adding, „Still has great stage presence has the potential to be a star. Get behind Frankie!!

A tweet that Frankie gleefully re-tweeted.

It all seemed like a bit of harmless Twitter fun but when The Risk and Johnny went home last night, people started turning on Louis claiming that his influence was helping keep Frankie Cocozza in the running.

Tweets included, „I wish Louis from 1D would stop bigging up Frankie,” and, „So, we now know that it was Louis Tomlinson behind the plot to keep Frankie in. Geez, the power One Direction members have is astonishing.”

Even Steve Brookstein got involved tweeting, „Louis Tomlinson from One Direction is getting girls to vote for Frankie. He’s bloody Charles Manson.”

Steve is one to talk, click HERE for story about Steve wanting 1D fans to die.

Obviously the chat was getting to Louis who replied to someone, „Feel free to insult me but you don’t have the right to insult our fans.

At the end of the (angry) day, Louis has every right to express his opinion. It’s not like he’s forcing people to vote for Frankie… we love Louis, but yeah… we didn’t.


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